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At Dawn: The Tennessee Fire Demos CD

At Dawn: The Tennessee Fire Demos CD

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My Morning Jacket's 2007 release At Dawn | TN Fire Demos on CD

When Darla released My Morning Jacket's epic second record At Dawn the first 2,500 CDs and 1,000 LPs came with a bonus disc of demos, which was like another, little At Dawn. It has long been out of print and we frequently receive requests for it. The beloved disc of demos is available once again with the addition of previously unreleased demo versions of key tracks from My Morning Jacket’s debut record The Tennessee Fire recording sessions, plus a few other gems recorded during the term that haven't yet seen the light of day including “Lil Billy”, which was a staple of My Morning Jacket’s live set but was never recorded in a studio. If you're an MMJ fan like us you're in for a real treat.


  1. L.O.Z. Intro 
  2. The Way That He Sings ( Demo)
  3. Hopefully (Demo)
  4. Bermuda Highway (Demo) 
  5. Just Because I Do (Demo)
  6. Lowdown (Demo)
  7. At Dawn (Demo)
  8. I Needed it Most (Demo)
  9. Lead Me Father (Demo)
  10. Phone Went West (Demo)
  11. Chills (Demo)
  12. Heartbreakin Man (Demo)
  13. The Bear (Demo)
  14. Picture of You (Demo)
  15. I Think I'm Going to Hell (Demo)
  16. Butch Cassidy (Demo)
  17. War Begun (Live WFPK)
  18. Twilight (Live WFPK)
  19. Lil Billy (Live Nashvegas)
  20. Magic Man
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