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Chapter 2: Learning: Early Recordings LP: Opaque Orange

Chapter 2: Learning: Early Recordings LP: Opaque Orange

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My Morning Jacket's 2004 release Chapter 2: Learning: Early Recordings pressed on Opaque Orange vinyl

The Darla archives contain many unreleased early My Morning Jacket recordings, the best of which have been compiled by My Morning Jacket’s Jim James for release along side all the hard to find favorites previously available only on singles, compilations and an early European-only EP release.

Released: November 15th, 2004


  1. Tonight I Wanna Celebrate With You
  2. Just One Thing [Demo Version]
  3. Take My Breath Away!
  4. West End Girls
  5. Dream a lil Dream o'me
  6. Death Is The Easy Way [Demo Version]
  7. Bermuda HWY [Live]
  8. Nothing 2 Me
  9. I Won't Cry!
  10. Why Don't You Love Me
  11. That Someone Else Was You
  12. Tyrone
  13. I Will Be There When You Die/Sunrides and the Girls Scream [Live]
  14. Good Nights and Happy Trails!!!!!
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