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Circuital Deluxe 3xLP: Setting Sun Edition

Circuital Deluxe 3xLP: Setting Sun Edition

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My Morning Jacket's Circuital Deluxe Edition on 3xLP

  • The original Grammy® nominated album plus 10 unreleased demos
  • 3xLP’s on orange vinyl mixed with bright transparent yellow
  • Glow-in-the-dark triple gatefold jacket w/expanded artwork
  • Zoetrope LP labels
  • Fold-out poster with unreleased studio photos
  • Owl graphic side etching


Side A

  1. Victory Dance
  2. Circuital
  3. The Day Is Coming

 Side B

  1. Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
  2. Outta My System
  3. Holdin On To Black Metal
  4. First Light

 Side C

  1. You Wanna Freak Out
  2. Slow Slow Tune
  3. Movin' Away

 Side D

<Side Etching>

 Side E

  1. Wonderful (Jim Electronic Demo)
  2. Circuital (First Band Demo)
  3. Outta My System (Puppet Demo)
  4. The Day Is Coming (Jim Demo)
  5. Victory Dance (Jim Demo)

 Side F

  1. Movin’ Away (Jim Demo)
  2. Slow Slow Tune (Band Demo)
  3. First Light (Band Demo)
  4. You Wanna Freak Out (Band Demo)
  5. Holdin On To Black Metal (Jim Demo)
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